Showing mums how beautiful you are

Welcome to a whole new era of Glamour Photography!

This isn’t just about taking beautiful photos, it isn’t about getting a bit of a make-over.  This is an experience that indescribably lasts a lifetime.

Our team will SHOW you how beautiful you are right now, in this stage of your life, exactly how you are today!

When was the last time you spoiled yourself?

When was the last time you actually saw YOU in the mirror?

When was the last time you felt beautiful?

An experience with Bella Madre Photography can give you back what you’ve been missing for years …

Hi, I’m Rachel … in May of 2016, I decided to do a photography course with Annie Murray of Murray Studios in Geelong, called Finding Your Beautiful ™ … the best thing I’ve ever done.  I had beautiful photos taken of myself and my beautiful kids with Annie back in September of 2014, and it was such an amazing experience.  I’d never felt beautiful before that day, and honestly I’ve never felt as beautiful since that day … but I know I am beautiful!  I wanted to share this with everyone I knew … so that’s how Bella Madre Photography was born …

Bella Madre means “Beautiful Mother”.  I want to show every woman that, no matter how busy life gets looking after everyone but herself, she’s still there, she’s still alive, she’s still beautiful.

You my not think you’re ready, you may think you’re too fat, too skinny, too ugly, too unworthy … YOU ARE PERFECTLY IMPERFECT and exactly the person that we need in our studio.

Our team wants to make a difference, we want to every woman and mother to smile, to see themselves as beautiful, and to spread the feeling to someone else.  It’s contagious ?

Photo shoot, including hair, makeup and some wardrobe options, is $50 up front booking fee and $190 payable two days prior to the shoot (for one lady).

Beautiful photography packages start at $900, or we can mould a package to suit.